My Winter Commute

June 19, 2009

Just thought that I would share my daily commute with you guys.  Each day I travel on my bicycle from Como, to Claremont, around the river and up stirling highway.

Although not a long commute of only 13km  it is the perfect route to add extra distance due to the cycle paths that are available near where I live.

Here it is in maps and pictures.


My street


Canning Highway


Bridge over freeway to bike track


The Swan River


The Freeway Bicycle Track


Our fair city of Perth


The Narrows Bridge


The Swan Brewery


Boat House on the Swan


Stirling Highway


I really do feel so lucky to live here in perth these pictures are from a winter commute.  Who would live anywhere else.

New Shoes

June 18, 2009

Those who know me will also know how tight I am with my cycling gear.  I totally run things down until they are worn out to the point of falling apart.  Completely stupid for someone that rides every day of the week.  This time its shoes.

My old Shimano shoes were wrecked holes in the front, cleats worn to the point of not being able to remove them as the bolts had even worn down so I couldn’t get a key in to release them.  Not good.

In comes my new purchase, Shimano RD86 road shoes.  Their a bit bright for my liking but also pretty cool at the same time.  Bought from TBE Stirling Highway for $170 including a free tube.


These shoes are a SPD-SL shoe, taking the Shimano Road cleats so a system that I have been using for some time and find good for keeping your foot still during cycling.  The shoes are also well padded and offer god support in all the right places.  The three strap system also keeps your foot snugly and can easily be adjusted on the move.  The first strap is a ratchet type one and then 2 velcro straps complete the system.

What really stands out during the first week of use is the comfort level.  They are just so comfy.  Either these are the best shoes I have ever had for cycling, or my other ones were just total crap.

I have only had these around a week so about 250 km or so completed thus far and if they continue to offer this level of stiffness whilst peddalling and comfort whilst riding I made the right choice.

I will report back with updates as progress happens