July 9, 2008

Well having decided that I was not going to get an Iphone, I started to get pissed off with all the iPhone chat over at my favourite Mac Forum however I then started to think of all the cool things that it would bring to my life. Music, phone calls are a given, the things that interested me was the ability to post to the likes of twitter, brightkite and various other things that since selling my gen 1 iphone I have become interested in.

I am now once again well and truly hooked on the hype, the rumors and the nervousness that I might not get one come iPhone day this Friday. I have tried all avenues to try and secure a phone through Optus, and thus far have really been unsuccessful. Calling in favours from a few people I know in retail proved to be uneventful. The one person who has promised to keep me one works for Telstra, and she sent me the following today

Thus proving that even the staff are non the wiser than we are. Why are all the telco’s being so vague, so unhelpful and such assholes about the release of this great product. People should be excited about this product not pissed off and stressed that they might not actually get one.

My first pref at the moment would be Optus, as I can get it on prepay and maybe get it unlocked. However who ever can offer this on prepay and have it available for me to get this Friday will have my money seeing I have full wifi at both home and work.


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