Iphone a follow up

July 10, 2008

Following on from yesterdays iPhone post I have no come up with some conclusions, I will be getting a 16gb 1st gen iPhone. The reasons for this are the same as most that are not bothering to take the jump to 3G.

  • I am usually near a wi-fi connection, always during business hours and at home.
  • The extra cost outweighs the benefits at this stage.
  • My 3 contract is up and I do not want another contract as I am heading for a 3 month holiday to India in Sept.
  • Plus I hardly use the phone to communicate its usually through email or twitter

I have started the preparation for collection of the new phone by sorting out my contacts, emailing most people my new me.com email address and downloading the latest Pwnage tool.

Good luck to everyone who gets a 3g iPhone, it looks like a great bit of kit, but I’m gonna pass on it at this time. If i get a good rebate from the tax man and a 32gb iPhone is released that’s another story


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