Vodafone/iPhone Petition

July 10, 2008

With all the bad feeling around iPhone fever I felt it right to get some people to express their disappointment for Vodafone and tell them how they have taken the excitement out of this whole experience, which should have been a happy time for all.

Vodafone and Iphone Petition

To: Vodafone Au PTY LTD

We would like to draw your attention to the handling of the release and presale information reguarding the Iphone Launch here in Australia. The Iphone is due to release on the 11th July 2008, the plans have been made public less than 24hours before this date.

There is also no definite news as to when some of the plans will be made available. As a result of this I fear that the mistakes you have made in the handling of this situation will mean that you will lose a huge amount of business and good faith.

We recommend that in future you spend more time on creating value in YOUR product, rather than relying on the good name and reputation of Apple to sell your product.

Many of us who have been or were seriously thinking of becoming customers will now be moving to an alternative provider, mainly due to the secrecy and lack of public information made available.

We would truly appreciate if your office takes these issues in consideration and implements appropriate policies so that such a problem does not occur in future


The Undersigned


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