Tick Tock Tick Tock

July 16, 2008

Time is now starting to go slow, 40 days and counting until I move back to Perth.  Cant wait, but I have to.  I will be leaving my work at Dell and moving back with no job lined up.  Who cares, not me to be honest. I have a 3 month holiday lined up leaving 25th Oct.  India, Borneo, Tibet, Nepal and India.

So after the holiday is done what do I do.  I’m thinking about joining the police or fire brigade. 
Downloaded both application forms today so will check those out when I get back.
Work is also becoming a real bore.  I have lost what little motivation I had and now all I can think about when I get there is going home.  Maybe tomorrow will be better, I doubt that.
Had a quick spot of dinner our tonight which was pleasant, but now as usual I feel fat.
Pointless post but I’m also bored

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