Sorting some shit out.

July 17, 2008

Looked into a few things today,

  • Indian Visa, $93 bucks need to send passport into get a stamp
  • Heidi’s passport needs replacing $200
  • Flights to Perth $200 each
  • Travel Insurance $470 comprehensive

That was enough for one day,

Been spending allot of time in work doing things for my trip, things that I’m interested in and generally trying to pass the time as quickly as possible. I have lost allot of motivation for a job that I actually do enjoy very much. I am also a little bit amazed as to how my boss actually got his job. He has absolutely no people skills, no idea as to how to run this part of the business and quite frankly brings absolutely no value to the business at all.

Even though I have handed my notice in, I really feel like making myself heard, not just in an exit interview, but now, when I might be able to make a difference for the person who takes over my role. I know who that person is, great person but has not been performing particularly well in recent weeks. Any half decent line manager would be in a great position by saying to that person, if you do A,B and C by such and such a time, you can have the job. Now she has the job when I leave and to be honest does not deserve it at all unless she bucks her ideas up.

Anyway that will do me for today, ill quickly have a squizz on facebook then off to bed


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