Trip to the City.

July 19, 2008

Time to get the Kona Paddywagon looked at today, front brake causing me problems.  Pretty painless visit to Bikenow in South Melbourne and all good to go again within no time.

Popped into the city then after took take a look around and just generally chill out.  Took a squizz in Comp Now in the City, god I cant wait until Melbourne has a REAL Apple store.  Just little things like being able to check your email, etc.  would be a nice touch.
Bought myself a iPhone case to protect the little beauty.  Ill do a full review in the next post.  Also tried to get some tickets for Batman The Dark Knight, wanted to watch it in the IMAX, but sold out until Monday so no good for me.  Might head back in to the city later and watch it elsewhere.

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