July 19, 2008

Ok as mentioned earlier I picked myself up an XRAP iPhone 3G case today, I actually like it allot.

You can find a link to the manufactures webpage here
I have the black on clear model, a clear plastic back, with black front face plate.  Fitting the case it as easy as putting the iPhone in a leather pouch, the unit unclips into 2 pieces, you can then slip in the iPhone and snap it back together.  The fit is perfect.  I have a white iPhone and the clear plastic back plate means that you can see exactly what colour iphone you are using, which I like, I want people to know I have the white version.
There is no movement on the unit once it is placed in the case meaning that it actually feels comfortable, well built and sturdy.  The case will protect against, the usual knocks and hits.  The cover also protects all surfaces of the iphone from getting scratched or marked without having to apply fiddly thin plastic sheets over the screen and back plate.
The case it self also claims to be scratch proof, dust safe, washable and fade resistant.  Obviously there is a slight gain in the overall weight of the unit, but I’m happy knowing that I have a little bit more protection for my nice new iPhone.  Price a$29.99
XRAP 3G - Products - XSKN - Welcome to XSKN where cool is more than just a word
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7 Responses to “XRAP PLASTIC CASE iPhone 3G”

  1. Valorsky Says:

    hi, mate, grats on your new XRAP case as well as the iphone. Just a quick question, that case claims to be “play-through”, is that true? I mean do you have any difficulty operating the phone through that case?


  2. Craig Says:

    There are no issues with using the case and screen sensitivity, I have spoke to someone else who has one and they said they feel that they have to push the screen slightly more than without it. But I find no difference at all.

    Highly recommended

  3. Valorsky Says:

    Thanks mate for the info

  4. Funky Says:

    Craig – thanks have posted a link to your review on my blog. Review: XRAP for iPhone 3G.
    Hope that’s ok.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    approximately how thick is the case? i find that most polycarbonated case are kinda thick and add-on to the bulk.


  6. Craig Says:

    its pretty thin, although as you said it does add to the overall weight and size of the iPhone.

    I have subsequently moved away from this case and am now using a Bodyguardz invisible cover and foofpod.

    This means I have no additional bulk when using it through normal operation, then the foof provides a huge level of confidence when its in my bag

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I have the same case but i get air bubbles in the screen protector thats the only con

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