Telstra to launch new plans

July 31, 2008

Found this article on the web today, about time eh original article here

elstra to revamp iPhone plans
Suzanne Tindal and Joseph Hanlon,
31 July 2008 03:00 PM
Tags: iphone, telstra, plan, data, optu, telco
Telstra is expected to shortly announce a rejig of some of its iPhone plans, increasing the amount of data customers will be able to download without incurring excess fees, in the wake of Optus’ success in the market.

The price of data on the iPhone on Telstra has been touted as the most expensive on the market, leading to long lines outside Sydney’s central Optus store a week after the device’s launch, while Telstra headquarters remained crowd free.

Telstra is expected to remedy this situation this afternoon, increasing the data quota on some of its plans.

Sources have said that the telco didn’t have long enough to nut out its plans and make them competitive in the time between them getting the iPhone late June and selling it on 11 July. also understands the telco has experienced a high level of porting, with people simply getting the phone, unlocking it via third-party hacks and moving to other carriers.

The drawcard for Telstra was supposed to be the free access to Wi-Fi at hotspots through the city, but even this freebie has attracted some annoyance on Whirlpool forums.


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