Ok I thought I would review my latest App Store purchase, Run Keeper.  Its a GPS based training device designed with runners in mind.  I do a little running, not much maybe 30k a week on average, I’m no expert or am I into it that much, however the app seemed appealing so I thought I would fork out the 12 bucks for it and try it.

The main features of the product are :-
  • Map your runs using GPS in Google maps on a personalised web page
  • Tracks speed and pace
  • Tracks distance.
This product will only work with 3G iPhones.
Ok so here goes.  I set ou ton my first run with Runkeeper yesterday just to test it out.  My usual 5k or so around the local oval was an ideal test run, as it just a short jog to get a feeling for the device working.   
First up open the App by clicking on it, you will then be presented with a initial screen asking you to input an email address and a password, this is used to track and log your runs at the end of your session should you want to.  Once that has been completed you will be presented with the actual screen that is used to start and stop your session.
The program will then start to report, several things which are of interest to runners, speed, pace and distance.  They are all displayed and updated in real time, although I just used my arm band and let it do its thing until the end of my exercise.  The app must remain open during your activity, however you can also listen to your ipod part of the iphone whilst using it.
The program also gives you a graph for every minute of exercise you have completed, showing average speed and pace for that minute, something that is handy to see where in your run you hit a low point.

Once you have completed your run, just hit save and your information will be saved to the device and also uploaded to your personal webpage, this time giving you  a map showing the route and KM/Mile markers along the way.  

All up this is a great way to track, runs, bicycle rides and even walks.  It gives you a pretty accurate picture of how your performing on your activities, the big plus for me is that I can se if I am improving, I can compare my performance for say a morning run  to an evening run.  I can compare how fast I am on one route to another of the same distance.  
There are a few things that I would have liked to have seen in the App, it would have been awesome if it could have pulled in data from the weather app and recorded the weather against each activity, as again the weather has a bearing on sports performance, also the ability to out put a file that is Google Earth compatible.  Maybe these are things that will appear in future releases.
But for now I am very happy with how it has turned out and for 12 bucks its something I will use more than Super Monkey Ball.
My score 8/10


New Gola’s

August 18, 2008

Ok having had some of Gola Harrier’s all those years ago.  I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw a pair in the basement at Myers in Melbourne $110 bucks.  Then I got even more excited when they had 50% off.

My Tigers that I have worn for a few years are finally starting to give up so I welcomed this purchase with open arms.

Bank West my opinion

August 16, 2008

OK I bank with Bankwest, have done for around 4 years now, always found them pretty good when I was in Perth.  Moved to Melbourne, what a nightmare.  Only 1 branch, which is in the city so if you don’t work there your pretty screwed for doing your banking over the counter.

Anyway in what I thought was a great move by Bankwest the opening of several branches in key shopping centers and locations around Victoria the plot thickens.  Are these banks or retail outlets.  I went into the Fountain Gate branch yesterday with the intention of paying into  my credit card account.  What a nightmare.  Granted they are a new branch, only been opening a few days.  However apart from the funky design and pleasing manners of the staff it was a shambles.
No one and I mean NO ONE seemed to know what they were doing.  I got asked 4 times literally if I was being looked after, which technically I was although the person that I was actually dealing with had no idea how to do the simple task that I bestowed upon him.  All I wanted was a balance so I could pay over the correct amount of money.  This seemed almost impossible for him to achieve, I politely asked him if he actually knew how to do it, mentioning that I have no issue in waiting while he finds someone who could help me.  He insisted on completing the task, of which it would have been quicker for me have called Telephone Banking and got the information I needed.
An isolated incident I ask myself, NO.  This has been a similar situation that has happened in most of the branches I have visited.  Apart from  the main City branch, which is not worth mentioning as it always has lines of people waiting for the only 2 tellers to hurry along as fast as possible whilst various other staff members simply chat away about their plans for the evening.
All up I am very disappointed in the whole role out of new stores, they seem far to focused on competing for new business with flashy gimmicks  and funky uniforms, whilst really all they need is some old fashioned customer service.  If they want to be regarded as a retail outlet thats great however would you shop for your groceries, clothes or gadgets from a store that has such more service….. I don’t think you would

Sorry no internet today

August 15, 2008

Ok , I have a week or so until I move. It has recently dawned on me that when I move to Perth I will be staying somewhere with no Broadband Internet. I will be staying there for 6 weeks or so until I finally go to India for 3 months.

How will I manage to “come off” the Internet. It is such a part of my daily life that I feel that I will genuinely be suffering from with drawls without regular access. I will not be able to Twit, Blog download content from the Internet, read the news electronically when ever I want. To put it plainly I will be left isolated.

Sure there are internet cafe’s I have my iPhone, but both are not a proper fix to this problem that I find myself approaching.

I do have several other hobbies, the main one being Cycling I have to admit that it will be good to get back into that after spending many months doing a 72km daily commute, which if I am honest has taken a back seat due to the fact that I am just to tired at the moment.

I guess only time will tell how I will react to this problem, one thing’s for sure it’s gonna be interesting.

Your thoughts???

Is this necessary

August 12, 2008

I have to say I am not expert on Religion, each to their own is my stance on the subject. Who is one person to say what people should believe in. What I do find quite rude is when people feel the need to subject a particular race, religion or preference to something in a really nasty way.

Whilst visiting the Men’s room at a local shopping center, I came across the following picture, a picture that could have been taken many times before in this particular men’s room. Obviously there is someone doing the same pointless and mindless graffiti over and over again.

I wonder when a time will come when people can just accept people for who and what they are rather than mocking them in such a nasty way. Maybe I shouldnt approach a religious topic on a blog but I will see how people react

Jailbreaked iPhone 2.0.1

August 11, 2008

I am not sure why I am writing about this, everywhere you look its iPhone or Olympics and its probably getting on your nerves as well.  However I have nothing else to do so I thought I would share my thoughts on the process with you AGAIN.

I recently jailbreaked my iPhone 3g when the original Pwnage tool was released for 2.0  I really couldn’t see a benefit and quickly restored to original firmware.  I have no idea why I did it again but I did.  This time as well as Cydia, we have the original installer tool present as well.  So maybe its time for a few decent apps to start appearing on the platform.
The process was as before very simple and easy, no slip ups at all and if you follow the guide which I posted last time you will have no issues I’m sure.
This time I decided to install winter-board, a theme orientated application that alters the look of your iPhone along with a few tweaks namely the one for changing the colour of the signal bar.  The themes are easy to download and work in much the same way as downloading stuff from the app store works.
Results are varied depending on theme I guess and some are easier to make out than others to, so although some might be very pretty everyday usage might turn out to be a pain.  They also have the NES emulator on there ready for download, my understanding is that more and more apps are being added all the time.  Hopefully in the next week or so it might actually be a genuine reason for jailbreaking your iPhone, as yet I cannot really see the point.

ANZ gets the iPhone buzz

August 11, 2008

ANZ, my bank, the most non funky bank in my opinion in Australia today, outdated branches, crappy website and logo.  Yet here they are embracing the iPhone.  Today they launched a working internet banking portal specifically for iPhone users.
Does it work, well yes.  The website is designed as mentioned for iPhone users and it looks awesome, easy to use and a great step forward in getting stuff done on the road.
You simply log in using your current internet banking login and away you go.  You can check your transactions and balances whilst on the go.  
They are also planning on implementing a pay anyone feature the same as the full site very s
oon as well as the ability to transfer between your own accounts, very handy for paying bills etc.
They also have a great search facility if your not in a familiar place, can you search for branches or atm’s which is a very handy feature.  Prominent on the front page is also a dialer that takes you through directly to the call center.