Optus Still no bill

August 7, 2008

Having got my iPhone 3g on July 11th I am still awaiting my first bill, I am not massively worried about this as I have not really used much data or voice, luckily I have a landline in work, plus wifi in home and at work so its just when I am out and about I use 3g/GPRS data.

So I registered for online billing and account management and went to a local Optus Store for my Account Number.  To easy off I went back to work account number in hand ready to rock.  Signed up all good, now time to link the account to my username.  So easy you would think.  For some reason my account has been loaded onto an old billing database, meaning for some reason I cannot get online billing at this point.
Pretty annoyed about this I called Optus, they said I would have to wait for my first bill before they can rectify this for me, my billing date I then found out is the 8th of every month, my bill arriving 4 or so days after that.  So I’m still no better off, I just wanna pay some money into my account is that so tough.  Apparently so.
On the plus side, Optus I found very easy to get through to, and to get things done.  I requested an unlock for my iPhone as well, they had submitted the request within minutes and told that it would be completed within 10 days….. To easy.
Although I would like my Bill from Optus, a small issue on my part I guess, I found there service very pleasing and am glad I made the change from 3 to Optus.


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