ShowTime iPhone App

September 22, 2008

Ok for those of you who use an iPhone and also love going to the movies (most of us I guess) I thought I would scribble down a small review of the iPhone App Showtime.

ItÕs essentially a movie time application so you can see what movies are on and what time. However this app takes things to the next level. It retrieves your location via GPS, brings up a list off all your local CinemaÕs, gives you access to maps if your not sure how to get there and also a scoring system for the movies that are showing.

I found it useful straight off the bat as I wanted to watch ÒStep BrothersÓ I opened the app, it brought up my local movie house and told me what was on, awesome. One problem was that the movie was not on at a convenient time, so I clicked on the movie title and then it brought up a list of the cinemaÕs showing in and at what time.

It also has the ability to pull down trailers off the movies, although I donÕt think that works in Australia just the US. Add this to the list of popular titles showing and rated titles and you have all the info to make a great choice of what to watch at the movies without the hassle


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