November 7, 2008

Been in Dehli a few days now. I have to say it sure is one crazy place. Fast paced, vibrant, colourful and not to offend but smelly at times. I love it.

We are staying at Majnu-is-tulla. A small Tibetan colony it’s a great place as you would imagine very quiet and a different world from the hustle and bustle outside the camp.

We have ventured in to New Dehli , Old Dehli and various other places over the last few days.

The poverty has been in your face everywhere you go which is hard to ignore but I guess you have to.

Tomorrow we will get the over night train then a 6 hour bus to Kathmandu , Nepal.

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Kota kinabalu mosque

November 1, 2008

Easy day today so just a walk to the mosque here in kk. Temps were high and so was the humidity. The walk was very uncomfortable

The weather really cleared up today for us but to be honest we would have been pleased to see some rain to cool things down.

Tonight we will dow trip to the flicks it’s only about 3 bucks Australian and it will be air conditioned. Too easy.

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