Back at last (almost)

February 13, 2009

OK. I’m almost back from my 4 month trip, boy am I glad. Currently I am visiting friends and family in Wales. It’s my first trip back in 4 years and boy it feels weird. Things are the same but oh so different at the same time.

The weather has really hit me hard with the snow and wind really making a dent in the things that I wanted to do. However as always its good to see everyone and catch up so in that regard its been an awesome 7 days so far.

I will finally be back in Australia on the 20th Feb and the thought of starting back my life is really appealing, bike ride’s, BBQ’s and all the outdoor things I like so much are now so close. To all those who are interested when I get back to Perth I will post the pictures for you all to look at.


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