So I want a Surly, BUT

June 9, 2009

Ok.  So its time to replace the touring bike.  The Kona Sutra which went it’s own way late last year needs replacing.  Easy I hear you say.  Well not really.  When I purchased the Kona last year I was tossing up between that and the Surly Long Haul Trucker which as the time was a$1500.


So I made a quick call to some local dealers here in Perth to find out what the availability was and what it was likely to cost me.  After making some enquiries I found out it was going to cost me a dam sight more than I first thought.  This is largely down to the World Economic Crisis, fair enough.  A would imagine most of the current stock would have been purchased when the $ was very week, hence the inflated price.

Here’s were it gets strange though.  Trying to get a firm RRP on this product is proving very difficult.  I have had a number of prices quoted me as RRP and none of which I’m sorry to say I believe from WA retailers.

Brunswick Street Cycles in Melbourne who are a great supplier of touring bikes and equipment tell me the bike’s RRP is $1999, WA retailers quote anything from $2100 to $2500, what am I to believe.

Picture 1

Another quick call to BSC meant a firm price of $1800 which includes shipping to WA or anywhere else in Asuatralia for that matter.  The next best price so far in WA was $2200 from Churchill Cycles in Booragoon.  The guys there seem really together and knowledgeable, they will fit the bike, service it for a year and generally be there for me with my new purchase, something BSC can’t do as they are not local.

The question that I now face is do I save the $400 and buy from Melbourne or spend the extra and get it locally where I know I will get better support.  Its a real tough one.  As I have been drafting this post I have had a call from Martin at The Bicyle Entrepreneur telling me that they can do it for $2000, another dilemma.

So my question to you guys is do I spend the extra and get it locally or take the risk with purchasing it interstate.  Your comments please :-


7 Responses to “So I want a Surly, BUT”

  1. aushiker Says:


    Dirtworks, the importers of Surly bikes have a spend $1500+ get 15% off sale on at the moment. Ends soon but, maybe Friday? Maybe talk to Ric and see if that applies here. That would save you a few dollars anyway.

    Also do you service bikes yourself? If yes, there is not much you are likely to need to go back to the dealer for, so saving the $ is worth it.


  2. idurx Says:

    I’m not great with servicing, more lazy than anything esle, Ill give Rick and update tomorrow and see what he has to say

  3. 700x23 Says:

    G’day Craig,

    If you’re buying from Melbourne you may as well be buying from the States or Europe. A quick search shows Amazon sell these for US$1148 which with the current exchange rate makes around $1500. Not sure what the delivery would be but I bet it’s under $100.

    The change rate is good for the UK at the moment, so consider some of the Brit stores too.

    Just a thought….


  4. 700x23 Says:

    JensonUSA = $1364 Australian!

    Only issue is $411 for shipping, but that is FEDEX intnl priority, so I recommend dropping them an email and asking for cheaper shipping options. I’ve used Jenson before and they’re very good.

  5. Jon Scott Says:

    Hey mate,
    I actually bought a Surly LHT from BSC last week (I live in QLD). Ordered on a Saturday and it arrived Thursday via courier. I was very pleased with the service, the packing was great and overall I was very pleased. Nice bike too!

    WRT buying overseas, remember that there is a GST and import duty that must be paid on all imports over $1000.

    So add the price of the bike, plus anything else you get, plus postage, add 5% import duty, then add 10% on top of that for GST… works out not so cheap as you might imagine.

    Thats my two bob, good luck with it and I’m sure you wont regret getting the LHT whether it is locally or interstate.

  6. We got one of our frames (a Surly LHT) mail order from San Diego, California for WAYYY less than the exorbitant Sydney price. Even after postage we saved about AUD $ 400 or so. They’re really helpful.

    Dave, an Aussie in Vietnam, 2600km into a round-the-world cycle trip…

  7. I should add that the total cost of the package must be less than AUD 1000 to avoid customs duty. So one box for the frame and a few parts, another a week later for the rest if necessary (or have each box marked with a different mate’s name & address)… can ship by US Postal Service (USPS) if you specify that, which really saves the cash.

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