June 12, 2009

OK so I went ahead and ordered the bike.  I eventually got it from Bikeforce in South Perth, just a few hundred meters from home so really convenient for servicing and other stuff I need.

Why did I buy from Bikeforce?  Well I can tell you now. FIrstly they had the best price of anyone in Perth a$1900 for the stock bike. I also added Schwalbe Marathon plus tires, Topeak rear rack and full front and rear fenders.  Total price all up $2160.

Taking price aside for a moment as well.  I had the pleasure of dealing with Mick down at the store, a tourer himself.  He really understood what I was looking for, offered advice on possible uprades and changes to the bike that might benefit me not just now but in years to come.  This was all done without the “sales type” pressure I encountered in other places.

He also explained to me the level of service they offer throughout the life of the bicycle as well.  Not just the usual degreasing etc but things specific to the type of cycling and bicycle that you purchase.  So for example how to change a spoke etc.  When fitting racks not using the standard bolts that come included but using top quality after market bolts all included in the setup process.

I walked away feeling very confident that I had made the right purchase decision dealing with Mick and the right choice in getting the Surly LHT.

Pictures and first ride report to come over the next week or so when it arrives in store.


4 Responses to “SURLY LHT – ORDERED”

  1. 700x23 Says:

    Nice one. Great feeling when you get top notch service. Looking forward to seeing it.

    As an aside, I know these bikes are very popular but what is the appeal? For commuting or for genuine touring? or both??


  2. idurx Says:

    Both mate, probably wont do to much commuting on it as i like to get to and from work as quickly as possible. Back in Victoria I loved touring over a few days on the rail trails

    WA has so much to offer bicycle holiday wise. Ill be doing weekend tours most weekends during the summer i cant wait

    Once you try it you’ll know what i mean

  3. Jon Scott Says:

    Well done mate!
    Looks like you got a stella deal there too.

    I think I will be adding some Schwalbe Marathons for my actual tours. They seem to have almost as loyal a following as the LHT itself!

    I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts on further upgrades and what you think of the ride!

    Enjoy it.

  4. G’day

    Nice win and a good price. The Schwalbe Marathons should be a good choice going by the comments on the Surly LHT owners’ group.

    Answering Lee’s comment on commuting. I currently commute on my LHT, but given the distances (40 + km one way) it is really not faster enough and I am now considering a aluminium “winterised” commuter to sit between the LHT and the Look 555 in my collection.

    Hope you enjoy your new ride.


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