My Winter Commute

June 19, 2009

Just thought that I would share my daily commute with you guys.  Each day I travel on my bicycle from Como, to Claremont, around the river and up stirling highway.

Although not a long commute of only 13km  it is the perfect route to add extra distance due to the cycle paths that are available near where I live.

Here it is in maps and pictures.


My street


Canning Highway


Bridge over freeway to bike track


The Swan River


The Freeway Bicycle Track


Our fair city of Perth


The Narrows Bridge


The Swan Brewery


Boat House on the Swan


Stirling Highway


I really do feel so lucky to live here in perth these pictures are from a winter commute.  Who would live anywhere else.


2 Responses to “My Winter Commute”

  1. aushiker Says:

    Great write up and photos. It is indeed a nice ride, if a bit short 🙂

  2. idurx Says:

    Thanks Andrew. Although its short when the weather is better its central location to the bike tracks mean i can add lots of K’s should the desire take hold.

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