Ok having been bored today I decided I needed some excitement, so I set about reading the guide over at mactalk.com.au written by WhiteiPhone which is easy to understand and so so quick and easy. You can find the guide here.
All in all it takes about 10 mins after you have downloaded the files, both of which have links to them on the guide. There is not much on CYDIA but who cares, I put myself a custom operator logo and I will wait for more programs to come as time goes.

All in all pointless really but at least I’m equipped for the apps when they arrive


Ok so I thought I would write a small review of Twitterrific on the iPhone 3G.  Its  a great application that allows you to read and write “tweets” for Twitter, a micro blogging social network site that has taken off in a big way.

First of all you will need to sign up for Twitter, an easy and simple process that will, in the end give you a twitter user name and address such as twitter.com/durx which is mine.  You then start typing tweets, basically short bits of txt limited to 140 characters , very similiar I guess to an SMS message.  Anyone can read these tweets in the public timeline, or if you have friends that are using the service they can “follow” you meaning that everytime you post a tweet it will appear on there friend feed, a list of tweets from everyone that they know on the site.
Sounds boring but its highly addictive and great fun.
Ok so thats twitter out of the way, perfect when your at home or work.  However twitter works best when your out and about, when funny or weird things happen to you.  Twitterriffic allows you to post your tweets from your iPhone.  You can also post pictures directly from your iPhone camera or photo album.
You will have full access to your replies and direct messages as well.  Direct messages are pretty straight forward, same as emails I guess only you can see them, great for sending something private that you do not want to share with the rest of your friends or followers.  Replies are a way of communicating something directed at an individual, but everyone else can also see it.  You can direct a reply at a follower by using the @ symbol, so for example you could direct something at me by entering the following…. @durx what you upto …… then I would know someone is asking me a question.
I find twitterrific a great way to relieve the boredom if I am catching the train or want to get  a message to someone when a call or SMS is not really worth doing.  When you post a picture to the service on the go, the program will upload and shorten the url automatically for you allowing you to simply type your message with no real knowledge of how it all works.
Below is a screen shot from the service taken today.  If you want the application for your iPhone download it directly from the iTunes App Store today, the free version is obviously free, it has small ads every now and again which don’t really get in the way.  If you like and use the application regularly then you should consider paying the $12.99 for the full version where the ads are removed.

3g iPhone unlocked

July 24, 2008

3g iPhone unlocked at last read all about it…

Well is this real or another rip off from the Dev Team early release.. who knows … time will tell

User linux_insidev2 over at mactalk.com.au has come up with a guide to how he has 2.0 working on his 1st Gen iPhone.

Here is a link to the original and a copy for you.

Pwnage 2.0 Released

July 19, 2008

Ok so the iPhone Dev Team have released the 2.0 tool for 3g iPhone this morning.

I have not heard of anyone who has tried it as yet, but I am sure as the minuted and hours progress we will hear the feedback.

I wonder if this will drive down the prices in the APP store, and will developers choose to use the installer/cydia or app store to get their content out there to the people??

Might Apple revoke the right to distribute on the app store if these developers are being seen to also distribute on installer/cydia.

I guess these are question that will be answered soon

You can get the pwnage tool here