Day off.

July 21, 2008

Ok off work again today , yippeeeee.  However I had a massive amount of stuff to do, which means that I have probably done more today than I would do on a work day.  

Firstly it was up-to ITP in Dandenong to nip my tax return in the bud, pretty painless although I did want to ride up, the weather was not gonna allow it so train it was,  Camberwell to Richmond, change at Richmond all the way to Dandenong what a crock.
Then train back all the way to the city, pop into bank and pay some bills over the counter.  Then back to Camberwell pick up the Holiday tickets, nice work.
Finally pop to do the laundry and thats taken up the WHOLE fucking day.


July 14, 2008

Well today was the day of doing some small “jobs”.  First of all it was into the city to get the old visa stamped in the Passport, a real milestone I have been waiting to achieve for some time.  Then I could not resist a nice amble back the long way home as the weather was so nice for a change.

Came home chilled a little, then decided to go and watch Hancock.  Arrived late for it so missed the start and didn’t bother watching it.  If anyone has seen it let me know what you think.
After that it was a LONG wait at medicare to enroll and get that side of things up and running as well.  Even if the wait was long, they were very helpful so all good.
Now I’m chilling at home AGAIN and about to have an afternoon bath.  Awesome