Having used a Crumpler messenger bag for the last 2 years I felt it time that I got something a bit more suitable for the things I carry on a daily basis.  The Crumpler (pic here)is an awesome bag, don’t get me wrong.  Its just, well, very basic.  With 1 large compartment and 3 small ones, none of which zip up I was starting to worry about things falling out, getting wet or just breaking from lack of protection.  

Although I don’t carry a laptop with me usually to work I wanted something that would hold and keep safe a few specific things.  digital camera, work notes, iPod and Blackberry.  At the moment they are just swishing about in the Crumpler, not good.

In comes a real bargain that I picked up at a local store for just a$27.50 Caribee Interface laptop backpack.  It is awesome with so many pockets and sections all suitable for the things I need (want) to carry on a daily basis.  Firstly I will start with the build quality, it really is very well put together with strong zippers and very good quality stitching.  

Being a bicycle commuter which rides all weather, even in torrential rain the quality of the fabric is also am important choice.  Luckily or unluckily however you think about it we have had a few bad rainy days here in Perth recently which proved an ideal testing ground for the bag.  The bag kept my gear dry and safe during the storms which was a big relief, also pleasing was the quick drying time the bag offered when it did get wet.

I can know keep my iPod plus sync cable, Digital Camera and Blackberry in individual pockets within the bag, meaning that they do not knock against each other causing scratches and scrapes, another big plus.  My clothes for the day also fit with no issues what so ever, as does my lunch which is usually kept in a standard ice cream container come lunchbox , this really is a big bag.  

As mentioned I do not carry a laptop at the moment relying on a desktop computer at work which is good as to keep the weight down for my commuting, however should that ever change and I need to carry a laptop I could easily fit that in along with everything else that I need for my daily routine.

I highly recommend this bag, especially at the price I paid 😉 


  • Lots of room
  • Great quality build
  • Cost
  • Comfort 


  • Heavy

Here are the specs of the backpack:-

  • Contoured shoulder straps
  • Padded hip belt with lumbar support
  • Main compartment padded laptop sleeve fits up to a 17″ screen laptop
  • Multiple utility pockets
  • Internal sleeve pockets for cords, discs and accessories
  • Padded CD pocket and cord port
  • Organiser panel
  • Key clip
  • Lockable zips
  • Haul loop
  • Sternum strap
  • Action Back Extreme Back System

Whats in the bag.

July 26, 2008

A few months ago, I did a what’s in the bag photo.  I really like these pics, just a random picture of what you have in your bag at any given time.  So here we go an update to “what’s in the bag”.

Todays bag is a Crumpler Seedy Three, a large messenger bag from Crumpler.  Its waterproof, very strong and very very comfy.  Bought from Ebay around 6 months ago it has been my daily bag for riding to work rain or shine.  Nothing gets wet, clothes and tech gadgets remain safe and put it simply I love it.  So what’s on the bag today :-

Express post envelope (just incase)
Tire Leavers/puncture repair kit
Bike Gloves 
Keys with 4gb USB key
How to lose friends and alienate people , Toby Young awesome book
16gb White iPhone, with iPod ear phones
Red Head tube, for cold rides
Not much in there today really, usually also have spare clothes etc for work.