The Travel Doctor

October 21, 2008

Ok todays rant. The Travel Doctor, what can I say. Is it me or this place just one big Medicare con. I understand the need for good medical advice when necessary so please forgive me if this post offends in anyway. However the methods that I encountered during some recent visits/calls with the Fremantle branch of The Travel Doctor were simply astonishing.

As some of you know I am about to set off on a few months around India, Nepal, Borneo and wherever else my travels take me, thus Injections for various illnesses and problems are essential. The internet, Lonely Planet Publications and word of mouth mean that determining the correct injections really is not that hard, especially if you are aware of your previous jabs and when they took place.

I made an appointment to visit and turned up 15 minutes prior to my appointment as requested, I then explained to the receptionist that what jabs I wanted, I was then told that I HAD to see a Doctor as he was the only person that could prescribe the jabs that I required. Ok fair enough, that not how they do it in the UK but I have to respect the way it is done over here in Australia.

I then asked how much roughly the jabs would cost, I was then told it depended on the Doctor, WTF. I then asked again just in case I did not undertand what I was told correctly.

Anway I then had my consult with the GP who went through “briefly” what jabs/tablets I would require that are on prescription, no suprise that they were exactly the same as I had researched but hey thats life. During the consult I had a great feeling that I waw simply being SOLD TO. Gastro pack this, Insect repellant that, etc etc. Not a good feeling. I was after all in a Dr’s not a retail outlet.

The Nurse was awesome, the injections were handled quickly without pain or hassle, which was great as like most people I am not a huge fan of jabs. She told me as had the Dr that I would need to return in a month for the second stage of the Hep B, no problem.

I called up after the month (this week) to book my follow up appointment with the nurse simply to get the jab. I was then told by reception that I HAD to have a follow up Dr.’s appointment to “discuss” any extra things that I might need, once again up pops the gastro pack and insect repellant etc.

I mentioned that I did not really want to waste my time on this as I have everything required and what I dont have I will get through local outlets that are fare cheaper. I then was told dont worry we will bulk bill medicare of the second consult so there is no issue.

WFT. There is a huge issue with that as far as I am concerned, Medicare are being billed and unnecessary consult so that a Dr. can basically sell you stuff. Just to make sure I did ask once again what the second consult was for, was there any medical reason, was there an issue with my first injection perhaps. No it was simply to sell me these Add Ons.

Everyone is in the business of making money, this I have no issue with. Billing Medicare a consult so they can sell you more things is just outright robbery and dishonest.

Why not get the receptionist to offer these additional services perhaps. I am sure there will be people that are against what I am saying but Medicare and the economy in general should not be forced to absorb cost of this underhand method of making money.

Your thoughts


Missing my Blog

September 15, 2008

Well its been ages since my last post, this is due in no uncertain terms to the fact I have NO internet access. Staying with my girlfriends parents who are not into Technology what so ever (they dont have mobiles, for real) means that I am limited to little or no internet use, apart from the iPhone and the occasional trip to the library.

I have been upto lots of cool stuff as well since getting back to Perth and I really wanted to share it all with you. However I have now set up the blog to allow posts via email, so hopefully I will start getting some things through before to long.

Bank West my opinion

August 16, 2008

OK I bank with Bankwest, have done for around 4 years now, always found them pretty good when I was in Perth.  Moved to Melbourne, what a nightmare.  Only 1 branch, which is in the city so if you don’t work there your pretty screwed for doing your banking over the counter.

Anyway in what I thought was a great move by Bankwest the opening of several branches in key shopping centers and locations around Victoria the plot thickens.  Are these banks or retail outlets.  I went into the Fountain Gate branch yesterday with the intention of paying into  my credit card account.  What a nightmare.  Granted they are a new branch, only been opening a few days.  However apart from the funky design and pleasing manners of the staff it was a shambles.
No one and I mean NO ONE seemed to know what they were doing.  I got asked 4 times literally if I was being looked after, which technically I was although the person that I was actually dealing with had no idea how to do the simple task that I bestowed upon him.  All I wanted was a balance so I could pay over the correct amount of money.  This seemed almost impossible for him to achieve, I politely asked him if he actually knew how to do it, mentioning that I have no issue in waiting while he finds someone who could help me.  He insisted on completing the task, of which it would have been quicker for me have called Telephone Banking and got the information I needed.
An isolated incident I ask myself, NO.  This has been a similar situation that has happened in most of the branches I have visited.  Apart from  the main City branch, which is not worth mentioning as it always has lines of people waiting for the only 2 tellers to hurry along as fast as possible whilst various other staff members simply chat away about their plans for the evening.
All up I am very disappointed in the whole role out of new stores, they seem far to focused on competing for new business with flashy gimmicks  and funky uniforms, whilst really all they need is some old fashioned customer service.  If they want to be regarded as a retail outlet thats great however would you shop for your groceries, clothes or gadgets from a store that has such more service….. I don’t think you would

Sorry no internet today

August 15, 2008

Ok , I have a week or so until I move. It has recently dawned on me that when I move to Perth I will be staying somewhere with no Broadband Internet. I will be staying there for 6 weeks or so until I finally go to India for 3 months.

How will I manage to “come off” the Internet. It is such a part of my daily life that I feel that I will genuinely be suffering from with drawls without regular access. I will not be able to Twit, Blog download content from the Internet, read the news electronically when ever I want. To put it plainly I will be left isolated.

Sure there are internet cafe’s I have my iPhone, but both are not a proper fix to this problem that I find myself approaching.

I do have several other hobbies, the main one being Cycling I have to admit that it will be good to get back into that after spending many months doing a 72km daily commute, which if I am honest has taken a back seat due to the fact that I am just to tired at the moment.

I guess only time will tell how I will react to this problem, one thing’s for sure it’s gonna be interesting.

Your thoughts???

Is this necessary

August 12, 2008

I have to say I am not expert on Religion, each to their own is my stance on the subject. Who is one person to say what people should believe in. What I do find quite rude is when people feel the need to subject a particular race, religion or preference to something in a really nasty way.

Whilst visiting the Men’s room at a local shopping center, I came across the following picture, a picture that could have been taken many times before in this particular men’s room. Obviously there is someone doing the same pointless and mindless graffiti over and over again.

I wonder when a time will come when people can just accept people for who and what they are rather than mocking them in such a nasty way. Maybe I shouldnt approach a religious topic on a blog but I will see how people react

Ok, here goes time for a bit of a rant.  Books.  I love them, however since moving to Australia, access to cheap books has pretty much been non existent.  It seems that this is one of many area’s that companies really do overcharge us in the great land.

How I miss popping down to the local supermarket and picking up a great read, a bit of pocket change could get you the latest James Paterson novel or someone of interest’s Autobiography.  It seems even places that sell cut price books such as Kmart or Target are way off the level of bargain I am used to.
However whilst searching through the world wide web a few weeks ago I came across a British website selling books, cheap and with free “world wide delivery”.  I had to give them a try.  So I found my way to and ordered my first title from them, How to lose friends and Alienate People, an awesome look into the life of a guy with all the opportunities and none of the motivation.  I loved it.  However back to the website.  
The books were ordered, quickly and easily.  The website is very user friendly, searching and checkout also easily navigated and quick.  Postage was SO quick, well packed and of course as mentioned free.  This is a big blow to Australian book retailers, Borders etc should be ashamed charging what they do when a company 16,000km away can get the books here cheaper and just as quick as  ordering online from an Aussie company.
5/5 from me all my purchases will from now on go straight to the UK.
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My Day

August 4, 2008

Another day, getting so itchy to get out of here now.  Everyday is a struggle, seems harsh but its true.  All motivation to continue in work and in Melbourne in general has disappeared.

To try and get myself motivated I have tried to be as active as possible so from here on in I will update you all with daily information on my activities such as walking, running and cycling.  I’m doing this as I feel really FAT.
Today didn’t see much exercise but at least i got myself out of the house.  So here’s what I did.
1 25km bike ride to the city and return.
2 10 laps of Camberwell Oval roughly 4km and 1km there and back.
Also went out for some food tonight which although didn’t look very appetizing tasted mmmmmm yum.