How to change a life

May 1, 2009


3 years ago almost to the day I was sat in traffic on my way home to Hawthorn in Victoria when it suddenly dawned on me, I was wasting so much time being unhappy in jams.  Trams, buses and other cars were really turning my daily work trip into a nightmare.

One other thing I was :-




These are 3 things that really are not good for you.  107KG of me was unhappy.  I needed a big change, cyclists zoomed past me and I wondered if that was the way to make a change.

The very next day I purchased a bike.  The very next day I rode it home from work 23k all up.  It felt so painful yet so worthwhile all at the same time.  I had no time to dwell on being unhappy, I was not stuck in traffic.  The next chapter had begun.

Slowly but very consistantly I started loosing weight, I knew, not because I weighed myself but my clothes were getting loose, my belt needed adjusting all things that were helping me get myself back on track.  I was loving it.  Best of all it really didn’t take up any extra time to get myself to the gym, arrange training etc.  I just used the time I would normally be stuck in traffic to my advantage.

3 days a week I was riding, then 4 then within a few weeks it was every day 46km without fail.  Then I also started doing extra in the weekends.  The milestones were falling also 50km in a day 75km, 100km, 150km, 200km, 250km all the way up to a personal best of 337km in a single day.

My body had changed I was no longer Fat, I was toned, slim, so much more energy and zest for life it was awesome.  I see so many people around me that feel exactly the same as I did, if only they knew the secret was so easy and really didnt impose on there normal day.

These days 3 years on I have been the EXACTLY the same weight give or take a kilo or so for just under 2 years 76KG.  I’m fighting fit, never have colds, fevers or bugs anymore, clothes simply fit straight of the shelf, going from a 40″ waist to 32″ from XXL t shirts etc to Small its so so easy shopping these days.

I still eat pretty much what I want, I do try and be healthy although I could do allot better, so I really do encourage anyone who is starting to feel a bit down on themselves to get out there and have a go at something active, something that gets them moving, dont by a Nintendo WII FIT and expect that to really work.  Get outdoors and breath in the fresh air and get fit.


Having had my Blackberry Bold for just over a week I realised I had not posted any pics of the little beauty.

I’m really loving the interface, battery time and many of the features that were missing from my beloved iPhone.

Here they areimg_0152


Mayfair hotel

October 29, 2008

Just thought I would write a quick post about the hostel we stayed in at sandakan. The Mayfair Hotel is a small place with just a few rooms all of which have free wifi, colour tv and free access to the owners 1000+ DVD’s to watch in your room when your all travelled out.

The rooms are clean, big, and very comfy. The air conditioning is also a big plus in these humid conditions

The owner is grumpy but very helpfull at the
same time. He is a regular mr fixit who is always willing to point you in the right direction.

I have had a great time here seeing many great places and nature at it’s best. If you get chance to visit sandakan please please stay here it’s awesome

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Urangutan At Sepilok

October 28, 2008

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Sepilok Urangutan Center

October 28, 2008

Today was the trip to sepilok urangutan center. Awesome experience. Lots of cool monkeys up close and personal.

We enjoyed a great lunch there also, the local people also love visiting which is nice thus we met a few great locals.

31 ‘c and very humid did make the day very hot but also worth while.

The evening was enjoyed with some nice dinner
And a walk around town watching the lightning in the distance. Another great day.

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October 27, 2008

After 6 hours on a bus I was expecting a bad trip. How wrong was I. The trip was awesome. Many great view of mist covered mountains and small vilages made the trip fly by.

Sandakan is also a cool place and a great base for our trip to sepilok were we will visit the orangutans.

Once again cheap food with great taste’s is how it is.

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Kota kinabalu

October 27, 2008

Very bad rain meant a soaking last night. Not that it really made much
difference as all we needed to do was to grab some food before heading
back to the room for a good nights sleep.

Tomorrow we head to Sandakan 6 hours on the bus should be fun.

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