Whilst sitting at home the other day my good lady decided that she waned to play around with my iPhone, something she really has had zero interest in since I got it back in July 08.  I was pleasantly surprised when she actually told me that she thought it was cool and easy to use.  

This got me thinking how much mobiles have come along since my first analogue OKI handset that I had way back in the Early 90’s on Vodafone in the UK.

So I thought I would just write a quick post which lists them, so here goes.

1. OKI handset unsure of model but it looked like this one below, 


2. Motorola MR1

My first digital handset, could even receive txt messages, but not send them.

Motorola MR1

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Project 365 Twitter

February 17, 2009

Although a late starter I thought I would join the Twitter project 365 daily photo.   Having been taking peeks at the flickr group frequently I decided that now I was back in the real world it was time to take part.

The aim of the project is simple.  Take a picture of you or something relating to you everyday for a whole year.  I find this to be pretty interesting and the ability to look back at the end will be awesome.

project 365 day 2

project 365 day 2

During the project as well, challenges will be issued, based on a theme eg. week 9’s challenge is “you in the mirror” and then voting commences on the best pictures relating to that challenge.

The rules are simple so why not get involved :-

About Project 365

One photo a day for an entire year. [Tips To Get Started]

1. Please post no more than one photo representing each day. Regardless if you take 3 or 30 or 300 photos in a single day, each photo you post must have been taken on a different day.

2. Backlogs are acceptable, as long as #1 is satisfied, but please be considerate. You can only upload 3 photos a day

3. Optional: Tag your photos with project365

The members of this group have self-organized and created a Weekly Challenge that everyone is welcome to participate in. It’s a lot of fun to see how your fellow photographers interpret the same theme. Don’t feel obligated to participate and if you are just joining us, begin wherever you want!
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